31 Creative People

You Should Meet



DAY 17

Who is Zac?

Zac makes the kind of videos that are fun to watch. He's an amazing motionographer (a videographer who specifically makes motion graphics), but equally talented with footage-based projects. As co-founder of the company Identity Visuals, he's produced work for a plethora of companies, conferences, churches, and music artists. At heart, Zac is a storyteller.

What has he made?

Here's a sample of his motion graphics work...

Here's some of his camera work...

This is a look into Zac's designer brain...

How do I know him?

Zac was recommended to me by someone I randomly met on Twitter. I emailed him while he was in college (in Ohio) and immediately began outsourcing video work to him. Nowadays, he's my first stop for any major video project.

How could you benefit

from knowing Zac?

I'll repeat what I said about Samuel Cowden (Zac's co-founder): if you need short films, music videos, interviews, explainer videos, stories, or even something more ambitious, you should call up Zac and Identity Visuals.