31 Creative People

You Should Meet

Shelly E.


DAY 11

Who is Shelly?

Shelly E. Johnson is a new artist in Christian music, leading forth the next generation of passionate worshipers. She recently released her newest album, "Your Kingdom Come". She's also a worship leader for Woodstock Baptist Church (in Atlanta); an avid songwriter and arranger; and a traveling pianist and vocalist with groups like Keith & Kristyn Getty.

What has she made?

Here's a song she wrote that Natalie Grant recorded...

Here's her latest album...

Here's a video of her leading worship...

How do I know her?

Shelly and I attended Belmont University together, both as music students. Her senior year, we collaborated on producing an album of her music. Since then, we have been ongoing co-writers and friends.

How could you benefit

from knowing Shelly?

First: get her album. If you're skeptical, buy the song "Passion of Our Hearts" – it's so good. Secondly, if you're looking for a confident, anointed worship leader – especially for things like women's conferences – Shelly is someone you should consider.