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Who is Sean?

Sean Hill is an avid songwriter, producer, and owner of Uphill Studios. Several of his songs have been emerging on worship albums recently (in particular, he had nine cuts on Shelly E. Johnson's recent release). Sean is one of those freak multi-instrumentalists who hear nuance differences in guitar tones and drum mic placements, while still maintaining a focus on the meaning and natural emotion of a song. He's also the life of the party wherever he goes.

What has he made?

Here's some of his music...

Here's some of his songwriting...

Here's some of his producing...

How do I know him?

I don't know Sean terribly well. We've written together a couple times. He's the one who told me that really great songs all have a natural "cry" to them: this moment where the melody and lyric of the song compel the listener to engage. He and I will likely end up writing more in the future.

How could you benefit

from knowing Sean?

If you're looking for pro-level production within a non-corporate budget range, I'd highly recommend Sean. Also, if you're serious about writing and publishing music for the church, you should try to get a co-write with this guy.