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Who is Sam?

Samuel Cowden is co-founder of Identity Visuals, a video production company based out of Nashville. Sam possesses a sharp intuition for visual composition, particularly in the realm of footage and photography. He's excellent with directing, lighting, storyline, coloring, editing, and typically leads projects from concept to completion. In fact, the way Sam leads clients through the full story process is probably his most potent skill as a creative. He brings a deep, analytical, and practical frame of mind to the often scattered-brain client requests.

What has he made?

Here's a sample of his video directing...

Here's a sample of his writing...

Here's a sample of his overall producing...

How do I know him?

I've been outsourcing video work to Sam since Day 1 of Identity Visuals (in fact, I may have been their first client). I met him via his co-founder, Zac Dixon.

How could you benefit

from knowing Sam?

If you need short films, music videos, interviews, stories, or something even more ambitious, you should call up Sam and Identity Visuals.