31 Creative People

You Should Meet



DAY 21

Who is Stephen?

Stephen Brewster is a culture maker. In the last decade, he's progressed through a series of roles that include artist management, brand management, marketing director, and creative pastor - having worked for companies like Integrity and Word, and artists such as Israel Houghton & New Breed. Beyond his excellent taste in design and experience, it's his passion for developing community and creative leaders that puts him a notch above the rest.

What has he made?

Here's a major church campaign that he led the creative direction for...

Here's a major album he was on the marketing team for...

Here's a great article by him about the creative process...

How do I know him?

Brewster and I are champions for one another, both of us being multi-site overseers with the reach of our campuses overlapping one another.

How could you benefit

from knowing Stephen?

My primary recommendation of Stephen would be in the form of speaking: someone who can come in and talk about creativity, teamwork, leadership, innovation, culture health, and more. Secondly, he's the guy you want at the table for designing something big: an experience, a conference, a campaign, a brand.