31 Creative People

You Should Meet



DAY 20

Who is Niko?

Niko is a professional drummer in Nashville, TN, with the mind of a producer. He's a live and studio player; the band leader for Matt Wertz; and an engineer, programmer, and producer for Gardenside Productions in Nashville. Everything about working with Niko reminds me that when music is created excellently, it produces an unmatchable sense of joy and wonder.

What has he made?

Here he is playing key bass and a digital drum instrument...

Here he is playing drum kit live...

Here he is playing drums in a great music video...

How do I know him?

I met Niko a few years ago through the network of Belmont musicians.

How could you benefit

from knowing Niko?

Niko is the guy to go to if you're looking for a drummer who thinks and can function like a band leader. You should also check out the company he produces for -- Gardenside Productions -- which provides full track production for artists.