31 Creative People

You Should Meet



DAY 25

Who is Nic?

Nic Rivero is a world-class video director, projection tech, and live event innovator. He has been a touring essential for artists/groups such as Hillsong United, Taylor Swift, and Passion Conferences. Nic not only has an eye for seeing incredible moments before they happen, but also an eye for all the mechanisms that will make them happen.

What has he made?

At 0:45 in this video, there's a self-destructing set design that Nic created...

Here's a conference he was the video technical director for...

Here's a tour that he programmed and operated a Vista Spyder system for...

How do I know him?

Nic and I haven't worked together very much, but we tend to collaborate with some of the same people in creative fields.

How could you benefit

from knowing Nic?

If you've got a vision for a unprecedented, large-scale visual element at a large conference, but don't know how to engineer it, Nic is the guy you want to contact.