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DAY 18

Who is Molley?

Molley Moody is a rising and inspiring worship leader, currently serving as part of the Passion movement (in Atlanta and around the world). Molley is also a gifted songwriter, having the melodic intuition of a soulful R&B vocalist and a lyrical sensitivity that places her passionate faith within the indie culture.

What has she made?

Here's her first album...

Here she is singing at Passion 2014...

Here's a song she wrote for Christy Nockels...

How do I know her?

Molley and I were studying at Belmont at the same time. I'd occasionally play piano for her, and was fortunate to be friends with her when she first started writing music (…the first song she ever wrote was amazing).

How could you benefit

from knowing Molley?

I would imagine that Molley is fairly busy right now, but you should look for upcoming Passion tours. She is typically out on the road, leading alongside Kristian Stanfill and company.