31 Creative People

You Should Meet



DAY 30

Who is Michael?

The first time I saw Michael Boggs was on the cover of an FFH album back in 2001. Since then, Michael has become a prolific songwriter for country and Christian music, a touring artist, an author, and the worship leader for Kairos, the largest young adult ministry in Nashville. What I love most about Michael Boggs is that he is a fervent disciple maker; he uses art as a catalyst for deep faith discussions.

What has he made?

Here's a sample of his video directing...

Here's his latest book…

Here's a song he wrote that Allison Krauss sang on…

How do I know him?

Michael and I are champions for one another's ministries in Nashville.

How could you benefit

from knowing Michael?

Beyond the benefit of buying his album and reading his book, Michael Boggs is a great connection for both worship leading and speaking on worship. He's also someone that other professional songwriters may want to connect with to write.