31 Creative People

You Should Meet



DAY 10

Who is Luke?

Luke is a killer entrepreneur, having founded Orange Thread Media, created the Playback Drive and TripleWideMedia, and imagined the Salt Nashville conference – all of which continue to exist as successful entities. He's a leader, a networker, a techie, and an innovator. If you've ever heard him speak, you've likely heard him rally visual artists to help rebuild the creative walls of the church.

What has he made?

Here's a quintessential video of Luke speaking,

in relation to the conference he runs...

Here's a look at the kind of events he helps produce...

Here's a look into the video company he runs...

How do I know him?

Luke and I have worked together in several capacities: co-techies, co-speakers, co-producers, etc. We enjoy disagreeing about the function and value of IMAG.

How could you benefit

from knowing Luke?

There are numerous reasons that I advise people to contact Luke: he's a leader in environmental projection, his company does small- and large-scale event projection and production, he speaks brilliantly on the value of visual worship, he dives into "we want to try something new" scenarios, and his products are used around the world.