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Who is Lauren?

Lauren Murrell is co-founder of We Are Volacious (a branding agency) and owner of Pulp & Ink, Co. (an Etsy store that sells custom hand-lettered artwork). Perhaps my favorite attribute of her work, in all of its various forms, is how she proves that simplicity wins. Whether in lettering, photography, logo design, layering, or color selections – Lauren creates content that feels "balanced" and "relaxing" to look at. Her sense of design makes me think of a portrait that is perfectly placed on a wall.

What has she made?

Here's a sample of her hand-lettered posters...

Here's  a sample of her interior design...

Here's a book cover she designed...

How do I know her?

I've never worked directly with Lauren on a project, but I've purchased some of her work and been a part of projects she was involved in. Her husband, Eric, and I have worked together for several years.

How could you benefit

from knowing Lauren?

First, check out Pulp & Ink, Co. to buy some cool hand-lettered artwork for your office or home. Then, if you need a design for a book cover, album cover, product logo, ministry logo, or anything else requiring thoughtful branding -- track her down on social media.