At age 23, Jason became the Creative Director of Long Hollow Baptist Church.

Below are a few selections of the unique creative moments that he and his team

have dreamed up and created. His primary contributions are listed for each element.

The Christmas Event

             concept, live directing, speaking, audio recording, and multi-screen video editing

The Fortunate Death of Phillip Randoll

             concept, story, live directing, composition, voiceover, acting, and audio editing

The Creation Event

             concept, live directing, script adaptation, staging/props, sound FX, and musical arranging

KEVIN JENNINGS >> Brand Strategist

At least twice a year, my wife and I end up discussing how Jason has outdone himself through what he's written and directed. I've been moved to tears more times than I'd like to admit, but my praise for Jason is not based on my being moved but rather, his commitment to creative excellence and his ability to consistently raise the standard on live event experiences.

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