31 Creative People

You Should Meet



DAY 13

Who is Jordan?

Jordan is the type of creative that all other creatives will endlessly envy: he has more natural talent than seems divinely fair to the rest of us. He's an incredible vocalist, studio acoustic guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, a worship leader for Long Hollow Baptist Church, and a songwriter for Warner/Chappell. His versatility in music allows him to be an equally effective performer and producer.

What has he made?

Here's a country song he wrote...

Here's a sample of him leading worship...

Here's an article about him winning the 2014 SongTown USA songwriting contest...

How do I know him?

Jordan and I have been a part of the same church since around 2007-2008.

How could you benefit

from knowing Jordan?

For other professional songwriters out there, Jordan is someone you should aspire to co-write with sometime: pop, rock, country, Christian, he's versatile. Likewise, he's incredible in the studio as an instrumentalist, vocalist, or even a producer.