31 Creative People

You Should Meet



DAY 28

Who is Jonathan?

Jonathan is the penultimate entrepreneur in the field of church resources. He's launched several websites that have become incredibly successful: Church Stage Design Ideas, Church Sermon Series Ideas, mopho.to (a photo subscription service for bloggers), and Sunday| Magazine. In past lives, he's been a creative pastor as well as the director of a major creative conference. Recently, he's begun releasing books for the creative class.

What has he made?

Here is Jonathan's latest book…

Here is the online magazine that Jonathan created and curates…

Here's a sample of his overall producing...

How do I know him?

I stumbled across Church Stage Design Ideas right around the time that Sunday| Magazine came into existence. I was so pleased to discover they were being run by the same person: Jonathan. Not longer after, Jonathan contacted me to see if I'd like to join the community he was building.

How could you benefit

from knowing Jonathan?

Jonathan is an excellent speaker for creative conferences, whether in a keynote or breakout capacity. Furthermore, Sunday| Magazine is legit! Tons of articles by leaders and creatives in the church on how to love people better and continue spreading the Gospel. His articles and books are all incredibly helpful to church staff development.