31 Creative People

You Should Meet



DAY 27

Who is Grant?

Grant is a brand and experience developer. His last 15 years have included artist management, tour management, book sales, production for ministry, and community building. He's been employed for musical groups like Kirk Franklin and Israel Houghton, as well as speaker/authors like Pete Wilson and Jon Acuff. Grant is a large-scale dreamer, focused on connecting people with experiences.

What has he made?

Here's one of the artists and albums he managed…

Here's a book for which he managed the digital promotion…

Here's a 7-city South African project that he tour-managed…

How do I know him?

In early 2014, Grant asked if I wanted to grab lunch. He insists that I bailed on him at least twice... which I don't remotely recall, but entirely believe is true.

How could you benefit

from knowing Grant?

Grant knows how to get the word out. Better yet, he knows how to get a meaningful conversation going among an audience of people. He's who you want to hire to launch an event/book/artist.