31 Creative People

You Should Meet



DAY 23

Who is Dwan?

Dwan is another music extraordinaire in the list. His Memphis upbringing gives his keyboard style a unique Gospel sound, making him the perfect for Jonny Lang's band. Dwan is also a performing artist, arranger, songwriter, and the co-owner of a music company that he runs with his brother, Marcus (who is also crazy talented).

What has he made?

Here's a sample of his video directing...

Here's a cut from his latest album...

Here he is on Rhodes...

How do I know him?

Dwan and I both studied music at Belmont University, although I was a year or two ahead of him. Many of the vocalists that I accompanied quickly switched to Dwan when he arrived on campus (haha).

How could you benefit

from knowing Dwan?

First, do yourself a favor by purchasing Dwan's EP "Mr. Pride". It's awesome. Secondly, look into the company that Dwan co-founded: Crystal City, Inc. It offers tracking services, music direction for shows and tours, remote overdubs, music for TV/film, and even music education.