31 Creative People

You Should Meet



DAY 19

Who is Dakota?

Dakota is, in all reality, one of the few people who would fit the "prodigy child" description. By age 16, Dakota was being flown all over the country to be a camera operator for events. His eye for video is as natural as they come. On top of this, he's quickly working his way up the ladder in the world of motion graphics and advanced editing skills. Dakota is currently part of the film program at USC.

What has he made?

Here's some of the footage that Dakota sold to the Tennessee government...

Here's a little bit of his motion graphic work...

Here's a dramatic piece that he shot...

How do I know him?

When I realized that Dakota was better than most professional video freelancers I'd been hiring, I offered him a job at age 14.

How could you benefit

from knowing Dakota?

He's currently in college in L.A., but if you've got the money to fly him to your shoot, he's worth every penny. Beyond the camera, he's currently looking for more motion graphic gigs in order to sharpen his skills. He also does weddings.