31 Creative People

You Should Meet



DAY 14

Who is Carmen?

As of 2014, Carmen Justice is one of the five original members of a Christian music group called 1 Girl Nation, who have begun to receive radio airplay and are touring throughout the United States. Within and without the group, she is a vocalist, songwriter, and an incredible choreographer and dancer. Carmen understands the vibe and excitement of "pop" entertainment, and she's using it to point an entire culture towards Jesus.

What has she made?

Here's a video of Carmen and 1 Girl Nation...

Here's a song that Carmen co-wrote...

Here's a video of Carmen singing solo...

How do I know her?

Carmen and I met at church a few years ago. One day I came across a posting for a "new Christian girl group" that was forming and I emailed Carmen to tell her she should try out. Now, her face is on posters everywhere I go.


How could you benefit

from knowing Carmen?

I believe 1 Girl Nation is one of the very best musical groups for influencing children and teenagers with the Gospel. If you've got a girls' event coming up, I could not recommend them enough. She, on her own, would also be a great hire for hip-hop choreography. And for the other songwriters out there, you'd be very lucky to co-write with Carmen.