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Who is Cody?

Cody Fry is the kid who is so talented in so many areas, that it makes ya want to quit art and become a yoga instructor. Cody has scored music for films and major commercials (i.e. McDonalds), while playing various instruments on tour with guys like Ben Rector and Hunter Hayes, and somehow still finds time to release his own solo albums on the side. Oh, and he produces alongside Charlie Peacock. He bleeds art.

What has he made?

Here's a song he arranged and sang...

Here he is performing his own music live...

Here he is speaking about string production...

How do I know him?

Cody and I met at Long Hollow several years ago. We've collaborated on tons of work there, but then we've also each continued hiring one another for help on our personal side projects. We're both from Chicago – which means we both think we're always right – but we tend to get along well enough.

How could you benefit

from knowing Cody?

First, your own appreciation of music will benefit from owning Cody's albums. They are brilliant, especially his latest releases. Secondly, if you need high-quality custom scoring for any live or video work, Cody is the best there is. Third, if you're an artist looking for a producer who will make your music stand out, I would recommend Cody for a variety of genres.