31 Creative People

You Should Meet



DAY 24

Who is Cara?

It seems a bit biased to include one's own wife in a list of "the most creative people I know", but it's with full integrity that I include her here. Cara possesses a unique artistic versatility, ranging from being a touring keyboardist to professional baking to creative marketing. It's like all of her senses are equally well-rounded for aesthetic creation.

What has she made?

Here are some of her baked goods...

Here's one of her calligraphy pieces...

Here's a sample of her playing keys and singing...

How do I know her?

Cara and I were acquaintances in college. Years later, we reconnected via FaceBook (the great connector) and got married.

How could you benefit

from knowing Cara?

If you're in need of a live or studio pianist, Cara is great for everything from rock & roll to weddings. If you're in need of delectable desserts for groups of 20-200, check out her business SouthernConfections.com.