31 Creative People

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Who is Brian?

Brian Zimmerman is a young, super talented videographer. Personally, I regard his work as a director of photography (DP) to be especially noteworthy. He just has an eye for composition. Additionally, I appreciate that Brian's work is not pigeonholed to one style of work. Whether it's a handicam comedic piece or a cinematic trailer, the treatment of the subject is incredibly well done.

What has he made?

Here's a sample of his shooting, editing, and overall producing...

Here's another sample..

And a third sample...

How do I know him?

I hired Brian as intern when he was in college. Oddly enough, I asked my assistant to go on FaceBook and search for "media" in the profile of Belmont students; that's how we found him. I hired Brian along with 3 other interns, but I eventually let them go and hired Brian full-time. I don't want to bias my recommendations by merely listing off all my co-workers, but Brian truly does stand out as a creative that could thrive in many contexts.

How could you benefit

from knowing Brian?

As I mentioned above, Brian is versatile on camera, as well as a great editor. He would be a great addition to any shoot.