31 Creative People

You Should Meet




Who is Brooke?

Brooke Voland is a bit of an anomaly on my list. Her resume isn't as extensive as guys like Ben Arment; she's not as multi-faceted as guys like Cody Fry. But the reason I insist to include her is that she, as a vocalist and worship leader, creates some of the most astounding art of anyone I know. When integrity, passion, and anointing collide, there's a sound that makes the heart listen closely. That's what Brooke Voland brings as a worship leader.

What has she made?

Here she is leading worship...

Here she is speaking on worship...

Here she is singing solo...

How do I know her?

Brooke and I both began as musicians at Long Hollow around the same time in 2007.

How could you benefit

from knowing Brooke?

If anyone tries to hire Brooke away from Long Hollow, I'll be inclined to blacklist/blackmail them. That said, she has the gifting and heart to be leading at even more events and singing on even more projects.