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Who is Ben?

Ben Arment is the guy that every creative – of any kind – would want to hang out with. Ben inspires the inspirers. Through his blog, his Dream Year coaching program, his Dream Year book, and a conference he created called "Story", Ben is all bringing people's imaginations into reality.

What has he made?

Here's a sample of his speaking...

Here's the conference he founded...

Here's his latest writing...

How do I know him?

Ben and I have met a few times, but it's less of a "we're friends" and more of a "I'm stalking him on Instagram" relationship. I've been to Story and one of his Dream Year events; both were superb.

How could you benefit

from knowing Ben?

If you feel as though you're not living out the calling that God spoke into you, you should tap into Ben's resources. His stuff is honest and practical in a way that is audacious. Also, if you're leading a large event and need someone to speak about "going for it with everything you've got", you should book Ben to come speak.